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Reporting Dynamics provides financial consulting services to organizations that want valuable, profit-building insights into the financial “whats” and “whys” of their business.


We work with you to identify your organization’s financial challenges.



We analyze your financial results and supporting data.



We deliver take-action recommendations you can employ.

Achieve your financial goals – grow revenues, cut costs, optimize cash flow.
Pat Harding, CEO of Reporting Dynamics, is an expert in the fine art of financial analysis and reporting. Her attention to detail, entrepreneurial mindset, analytical dexterity, and penchant for presentation are the building blocks of Pat’s Blank Page Vision™. With it, Pat will create customized reporting for you to track your organization’s progress toward your new financial goals.
Pat Harding
CEO, Reporting Dynamics

Pat Harding, CEO

Pat Harding is passionate about helping organizations improve their operational and financial performance with on-point translation and clear communication of data. She applies superior analytical skills, coupled with insatiable business curiosity, to enhance clients’ bottom line profits by optimizing cash flow, growing revenues, and reducing expenses. Pat is a trusted business advisor with a career credo of accuracy, integrity, and credibility.

Before starting Reporting Dynamics, Pat held key finance and operations roles such as Treasurer, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, Controller, and VP-Project Manager at GL Homes, one of the top privately-held homebuilders in the United States. Throughout her 17-year tenure, Pat utilized her Blank Page Vision™ to design reporting that got to the heart of business issues, facilitating better decision-making.

Prior to joining GL Homes, Pat used her analysis and reporting skills for the benefit of leading companies in the telecommunications and specialty chemicals industries.

Pat is a CPA and MBA who is dedicated to helping your business succeed.


Blank Page Vision™ is the unique combination of intuitive, analytical, reporting, and communication skills that can be transformational in any organization.

On the surface, Blank Page Vision™ is the ability to start with a blank page and design custom reporting to meet specific information needs. At a deeper level, it is also having the business insight to determine the right questions for your organization today and providing report users with answers in the form of actionable information.

A majority of accounting and finance personnel can update an existing model or report template, but even then, many leave the translation of that information to the report users. Data does not become meaningful information until it is analyzed, translated, and communicated in an elucidative way. Do not settle for less!

If your business needs the valuable benefits that Blank Page Vision™  can provide, reach out to Reporting Dynamics today.

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